Company Looking To Develop Land Across From Rocketts Landing

HENRICO, Va. (WWBT) – A North Carolina-based company is looking to develop more than 20 acres of land across from Rocketts Landing along Route 5.

Zimmer Development Company, which is based in Wilmington, NC, held its final public meeting Wednesday night about plans for the retail, office and multi-family use complex called Fulton Yard.

The meeting was held at John Rolfe Middle School, and included members from the Henrico County Planning Department, Board of Supervisors and Zimmer Development Company.

“We want to make sure we get their input and address concerns as best as we can,” said Zimmerman Director of Development Adam Tucker. “Activity breeds activity and certainly Rocketts Landing has done a fantastic job down there and we just see the growth down there as continuing to expand.”

The development company is looking to purchase over 20 acres currently owned by CSX railroad to complete the Fulton Yard Development.

The development will be located on three sites with Site A of the plan residing in Richmond, while Site B is located in both Richmond and Henrico County. Site C lies completely in Henrico County. Each of the three sites will be developed with a different mix of uses but with a uniform development plan and design, according to Zimmer Development Spokesperson Kaci Easley.

The proposed project includes a proffer reserving 10% of the units to tenants making less than 80% of the Richmond MSA median household income.

The biggest concern from the community came down to traffic and the impact it could have to an already busy area of Route 5.

Business owner David Harris says he sees opportunity for his business Liquid Incorporated to grow, but is concerned that the development could compound a growing traffic problem with heavy truck and morning commute in the area.

“The development would be important and would definitely help the area however the bigger problem is how are you going to handle all the extra traffic,” said Harris. “I would like for them to be very smart about how they proceed and how they execute this opportunity and this development.”

Zimmer Development says they are conducting a traffic study to address the projected traffic impact this project would bring.

“The project is designed to implement the criteria and vision of the Henrico County Comprehensive Plan and Henrico County’s Route 5 Corridor Study,” a flyer for the meeting said.

Easley said it also falls in line with the criteria of the City of Richmond’s Pulse Corridor Plan.

The next step in the process will be to present the plans to the Henrico Planning Commission and Richmond City Council for zoning and permits. They plan to have those meeting within the next two month.

Tucker said if these projects are approved it could take seven to 10 years to complete.