“The Deal Ranch” Podcast w/ Landon Zimmer & Joe Wasserman

Landon Zimmer, Managing Partner, and Joe Wasserman, CFO, of Zimmer Development Company join the podcast to share the history of the Zimmer family and how the development company was born.

Along the way we discussed their development of Mayfaire Town Center which serves as one of Wilmington’s premier shopping destinations today and laid the foundation for mixed use zoning in New Hanover County.

Then Landon details the status of a landmark project in the heart of downtown Raleigh which could finish as a 40 story luxury retail/residential tower.

Since 1989, ZDC has developed over $3 Billion in Assets across 140 cities and 260 projects. Prior to forming the development business their family founded REEDS Jewelers in 1946, and today is the largest family owned jewelry chain in North America.

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